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Plate cleaning machines for label manufacturers

BS  PLATE CLEANER  46  70 90

Flexible plate cleaner with a processing speed of 125 seconds per meter.

Machine by brushing  rotating (1) and (1) brush with flat lateral movement

The BS is equipped with a stainless steel tank, two brushes in the washing section (1 rotating brush and 1 motorized brush), a detergent heating device, a detergent pressing roller, 'a water rinse section, a drying section, a detergent filtering system and a dedicated PLC.

Plate cleaning machines

high yield


BS plate cleaner.png

The SP can be accessorized with a wide range of options to increase its performance, for example: detergent heating device, automatic detergent tank filling, automatic inlet conveyor, stainless steel cover with safety glass, side covers in stainless steel, or the complete structure in stainless steel.

    EXAMPLE  SP 46

  • - Maximum plate width mm 18 (440)

  • - Minimum plate length mm 150

  • - Detergent tank capacity Lt. 40

  • - Water tank capacity Lt. 30


Machine by brushing  rotating (2) and (1) brush with flat lateral movement

 Unit for cleaning and washing after printing Flexographic plates  

  In conformity with CE standards.

1. Plate washing tank and water washing section made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel 

2. Special anti-acid and anti-scratch powder painted steel of the supporting structure of the machine 

3. Rinsing section with closed loop for circulation system 

4. Noble bi-laminated introduction table, to facilitate the introduction of inked plates 

5. Integrated receiving box inside the machine body 

6. Extractable sliding drawer with water and solvent tanks, made of AISI 304 stainless steel 

7. Control and power panel installed inside the front casing 

8. Tank for cleaning and for rinsing water installed directly inside the tanks. The temperature set as default cannot be changed 

9. Automatic cycle start by photocell 

10. Cycle and operating parameters controlled by dedicated PLC 

11. Automatic stop of the cycle of the machine thanks to an electronic adjustment by means of an Encoder or by pressing   on the main LED to stop it 

12. Minimum level to reach the signal in the solvent and water boxes by means of a sound signal and  visual with change of color of the main LED key for stopping the machine 

13. Cycle progress signal by coloring the main LED to stop the machine 

14. Plate transport speed adjustable 

15. Cleaning system operated by 1 rotary brush and 1 traverse brush, assisted by a circulation pump and  a solvent sprayer 

16. Constrictive special sponge roller 

17. Last upper special sponge roller squeezing covered with cotton 

18. Water washing section assisted by circulation pump and water sprayer 

19. Centrifugal fan motor coupled to an electric drying resistance with a set and under temperature control  to reach a maximum value of 70° C. The temperature set as the default value cannot be modified 

20. Level sensor in water and solvent boxes 

21. Solvent filter system for washing 

22. Solvent resistant rubber rollers 

23. Roller pressure self-adjustment system to allow the passage of plates with different thickness 

24. Very easy disassembly and cleaning of internal components 

25. Height adjustable level feet 

CC  corrugated PLATE CLEANER & Sleeves

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